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Origins Of Evil

Fallen Angels Among Us by Elizabeth Clare Prophet - What you need to knowFallen Angels and the Origins of Evil by Elizabeth Clare ProphetIf evil fallen angels were once embodied on earth, as the Book of Enoch shows and even scripture seems to indicate, why couldn't they still be among us today? Given the state of affairs on planet earth, where would we find fallen angels today? Do they manipulate our government? Mismanage the economy? Plan chaos and terror?

Who Are These Fallen Angels Anyway?

With Fallen Angels Among Us you will unravel the forbidden mysteries of Enoch concerning the true nature of the fallen angels known as the Watchers.

Fallen Angels Among Us confirms the Book of Enoch—that there are indeed fallen angels, that they have embodied on earth and corrupted the souls of her people, and that they will be judged by the Elect One in the day of the coming of his elect servants.

The untold story of men and angels is a crack in the door of the full and final exposé of the manipulators and the manipulated, the oppressors and the oppressed. The embodied fallen angels, who are the main subject of Enoch's prophecy, have been from the beginning the spoilers of the dreams of God and man. At every hand, they are turning the best efforts of the noblest hearts to a mockery of the Word incarnate and setting in motion the relentless spirals of degeneration and death in both Western and Eastern civilization.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet - Fallen Angels and the Book of Enoch Video Series

Fallen angels among us, a clear and present dangerIn Fallen Angels and the Origin of Evil, its sequel Fallen Angels Among Us, and in her video lectures on the Book of Enoch, spiritual teacher, mystic and author Elizabeth Clare Prophet presents an eye-opening account that will answer many of your questions as to how planet earth has evolved to her perilous state in the twenty-first century.

Examine for yourself the primordial drama of good and evil, when the first hint of corruption entered our pristine world. In addition to exposing the fallen angels still among us today, their strategies and their lies, Mrs. Prophet offers you practical spiritual tools to meet the forces of darkness with the indomitable force of light.

"I am supremely confident that God has placed within us the natural resources and the spiritual resources to meet all these problems. I believe that the very prophecy that I bring is this: If we the people of God have the truth about what we are facing on planet earth today, and if we embrace our ability and opportunity to contact God through the Science of the Spoken Word and heartfelt prayer, then and only then by God's grace, we can change the course of history."           - Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Knowing what you have on your side—your soul's identity and the forces of Light—helps you keep the threat of the fallen angels in perspective!

Fallen Angels Among Us

Find out how you can effect positive change on planet earth. Go behind the world of appearances and gain a perspective that is shocking and yet profoundly hopeful.

  • Memories of past Golden Ages
  • Fall of Lucifer
  • Strategies of the Fallen Angels
  • The Profile of Evil

Wars, religious fanaticism, terrorism, pandemics, and economic turmoil are the results of the plans of rebel angels.

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Fallen Angels - Origins of Evil

Elizabeth Clare Prophet examines the controversy surrounding the Book of Enoch and sheds new light on Enoch's forbidden mysteries

  • The Book of Enoch
  • Biblical parallels to the Book of Enoch
  • Spiritual solutions
  • Enoch in the forgotten Bible books

Did you know that Jesus and the apostles studied Enoch—and later the church fathers suppressed its teaching?

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"Enlightening—easy to read and follow due to foot notes, appendix, etc. Illustrations helped overall understanding of some of the more difficult readings. Thank you for a good read, Ms. Prophet." - Nevada, MO